DJ Service or ipod

There really shouldn’t be a question. DJ Service will win this argument every time. With an ipod you are limited to the music collection of the ipod owner. With a DJ Service they have music to please all kinds of musical tastes. If you go online and buy the music you don’t have at $.99 per song, it can add up real fast to to get all of the music to please everyone.

With an ipod you will be doing all of your own emcee work, worrying about the events and the timing of every thing. You will have  to provide a sound system to plug the ipod into. A Disc Jockey will organize all of the events and activities for you, and take all of the stress out of the day. They will bring in a sound system with a mic for making all of the necessary announcements and for use by the people offering toasts to the Bride and Groom. A good DJ Service will know what to do, when to do it and how to do everything pertaining to wedding receptions. They do this every weekend.

The DJ Service you hire will make or break your party so shop smart. Here is a website with some good questions to ask when hiring Wedding Professionals.


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