Looking for a DJ Service In Denver?


Most people book everything else before they book the DJ Service for their wedding. They get down to the point where their budget is depleted. Then they hire the DJ by getting the the cheapest one they can find. Opps … the wrong thing to do.

The DJ is going to make or break your party. The overall success of your party will be based on the experience and professionalism of the on with the mic. Don’t spend thousands of dollars to put on the event of the year only to have it ruined by some sloppily dressed punk who thinks that using the word “Yo” to start out each sentence and thinks it’s cool.

Book you DJ early and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra time and money to make sure you are hiring a trained professional. Ask around at places like The Brown Palace, The Inverness Hotel, Hyatt Hotels, Hudson Gardens, Pines at Genesee and other places that do weddings all the time. They will be able to direct you to the DJ companies with the best Disc Jockeys. They see all of the Disc Jockeys come through their establishments through the years, they know which ones are good and which ones are not. Rely on their experience.

Denver Wedding Photojournalist

Here is an article with some good questions to ask when looking to hire competent DJ service wedding professionals.

Source: as seen on www.abc-mvp.com

Unsure of what to ask when hiring wedding professionals?  You’re not alone.  One of the most common comments that we hear is,  “I’ve never had to shop for Wedding Services before and don’t know what to ask!”

At ABC MUSIC VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY, we have taken steps to help you make the best decision for Wedding Services for the event you are planning.  Be sure to ask any companies you are considering the following questions and compare their answers with those of ABC MUSIC VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY.


Does the company have over 20 years professional experience in the wedding industry?

Is the company registered and licensed with the State of Colorado as a legitimate business?

Does the company have both Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance as required by Colorado State Law?

Does the company guarantee you an appropriately dressed, professional who is an employee of that company, and not a hired sub-contractor?

Does the company have emergency back-up equipment and emergency personnel during all events?

Does the company provide you with reliable and current references and client testimonials?

Does the company guarantee you the use of professional grade equipment?

Does the company guarantee your date with a type written and signed Contract?

Is the company in good standing  with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and the Tom Martino Trouble-Shooter Show.

Will the company offer personal consultations at their place of business to help you with the planning and details of your event?

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