DJ Service Tips For Every Denver Wedding

How could you possibly know all you need to know to do everything yourself when planning a wedding. Please rely on those who know. I’ve been in the wedding business in the denver area for over 20 years and have become a trusted professional. Read on about hiring a Professional Denver Area DJ Company and I guarantee you won’t be led astray.

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Wedding DJ Tips All Brides Should Know

Although some people design and play their own reception soundtracks, the most common choice for pre-recorded music is a professional wedding DJ.  Here are a few wedding DJ tips to consider when deciding on your music professionals:

DJs not only play music, they can provide crowd-pleasing entertainment and even serve as masters of ceremonies. A DJ service often can supply special lighting, smoke and bubble machines, props and other effects. Because of the large number of songs that technology lets them provide, DJs are increasingly a fixture at wedding receptions.

Don’t make price your only consideration when you select a DJ. Referrals are good, but seeing him or her perform in person is the best way to make a decision. There can be more for a DJ to do than just play music. You may need him or her to make introductions, schedule toasts and oversee the timing of activities.

Ask if the DJ service has a high-quality sound system. This is important because different sites have different acoustic requirements. Confirm that backup equipment is available. After all, even the best equipment can falter.

An essential wedding DJ tip is simply communication. Let your DJ know your preferences and those songs not to play. Provide a schedule of events like the first dance, cake cutting and garter toss so there are no distractions. Other considerations include what the DJ will wear, whether he or she will take requests, the number of breaks planned, what equipment is needed, if you’ll have to supply anything and what his or her payment and cancellation policies are.  Make sure the contract clearly outlines responsibilities and expectations. Also, make sure the DJ who turns up is the one you wanted.

By following these wedding DJ tips, you will insure a stress-free, enjoyable reception.

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